We're excited to report that we've been successfully remote schooling since our first full day away from campus, Monday, March 15. 

Our students created an amazing discord server as a hub for our full range of classes and school functions, and we continue to offer daily classes online to give our students a robust and engaging learning experience!

And yes-- you read that right-- our students created and manage the platform we are using to run our school, adapting an app most commonly used by online gamers! 

This is the type of magic that happens when a school trusts its students to take authentic ownership of their learning.

discord chat spanish class

A recent screenshot of classwork from Spanish

About Us

Angeles Workshop School is a progressive Private School for grades 6-12 located in the Palms neighborhood of West Los Angeles.

​We practice a student-led, application-based curriculum where learning is rooted in creative, authentic interaction with our diverse community.

  • No Mandatory Homework
  • Hands-on Projects and STEM Applications
  • Weekly Field Trips
  • Role-Playing Game-based Curricula
  • Social Justice Education
  • Very Small School Environment
  • Affordable Tuition $5000-$19000 yearly

Contact Us

Email us to find out more about Angeles Workshop!

Feel free to contact us to arrange a meeting with our founder-teachers

Angeles Workshop School

9713 Venice Blvd.



Open today

09:00 am – 02:45 pm


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